Our People

Amit Dhull

Amit Dhull founded Leadology to redefine leadership, and fulfil his passion to help others become the leaders they want to be.

Amit was born in India, and dreamed of becoming a world-famous cricketer. This dream put him on a path of self-discovery and growth, through life-changing experiences both on and off the field. A big wake up call, which remains in the back of his mind to this day, was seeing children sleeping by the side of the road as a young boy. His father’s death also really reminded him to make the most of life, follow his passion, and set up Leadology.

Amit brought tried and true experience to coaching – supporting people from all walks of life, and businesses and groups of all sizes. But what set him and now Leadology apart, is a unique and proven perspective on ‘inside out leadology’. By connecting lessons learnt from his early life as a representative cricketer, a degree in Psychology, almost 20 years as an IT system specialist, and a passion for the study of mindfulness and meditation, he redefined successful leadership to help people achieve amazing results.

Empowering people to master the art of leadership and achieve the outcomes they envisage is what we do. Journeying alongside leaders is extremely rewarding for us, because we know that in turn they’re making an impact on their corners of the world every day.

Sahana Vishkanta

When asked what fascinates her on this journey of life, Sahana says, "Whether one is leading his/her own self, a team, an organisation or a country, it all starts with managing one's own Mind. So it's this mind which fascinates me the most. The more I learn about it, the more I start to believe that it cannot be know from the level of mind".

This enquiry for life has led her to learn various tools & techniques which helps humans in managing our mind. And she takes lot of joy in sharing her understanding with people with an intention to see a genuine smile on people's face. She strongly believes that leadership is an interesting blend of inner calmness and outer dynamism." In today's age and time where we are bombarded with information overload, it is almost need of the hour to be able to switch off and regain our focus on what really matters in our lives.

In this regard, Sahana has been practising mindfulness for almost a decade now and has also conducted various mindfulness sessions across New Zealand. She sees a growing need and interest among people which gives her more reasons to continue what is doing. Sahana is a trained Yoga and Meditation Instructor and has been offering Yoga & Meditation classes in Wellington since 2016. She has also conducted meditation and mindfulness workshops for corporate organisations in Wellington.

Sahana has her strong roots in India and moved to New Zealand in 2014. She graduated with Masters in Information Sciences from AUT and worked for various government and non-government organisations. She currently works for BNZ as a Test Analyst. She is also a Regional Coordinator for Wellington and Program Facilitator at the Art of Living Foundation which is one among of the biggest volunteer-based organisations in the world.

Our Contribution

We support various charities, and we’re delighted to tell our clients that they too become a part of that when working with Leadology. Whenever someone plans for 12 months of coaching, we’ll sponsor another child to complete an education that they would otherwise miss out on. That’s because we truly believe that education is one tool that can fix the problems we face in our world – from child poverty, to famine and war – because if we can increase our knowledge, and understanding of each other, we can create a better world to live in.

It has been a privilege working with such a broad range of incredible people over the years. Seeing them flourish, achieve transformation, and live according to their values, has really reinforced our vision. It would be our pleasure to take the leadership journey with you too. We look forward to helping you become an inspiring leader, and realise the results you dream of.

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